About Us

We normally visit the toilets numerous times a day. While there, we just concentrate on doing our business without considering the technology at work.

Do we even consider the voluminous amounts of water required to make the flush toilets work?

Do we even consider that close to 3 billion people on our planet do not have a convenient place to defecate?

Do we even consider that about 25% of the world’s population lack access to proper sanitation facilities?

These are some questions you can ponder the next time you sit on the toilet!

In pursuit of answers to the above questions, we have set out to promote the use of waterless toilets or dry toilets in the world.

We believe that waterless toilets offer the best alternative to assist our planet reduce water wastages, reduce environmental degradation, increase access to sanitary facilities, and offer other benefits to make our lives better.

We hope you’ll find the resources on our site useful to enable you ditch the flush toilet in favor of a waterless toilet.

If you wish to get in touch to make a donation for supporting our efforts, or for any other reason, please contact us.

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Waterless-Toilet.com team.